A Birthday Calendar

Creating aBirthday Calendar

Do you like to use calendar cards in your Project Life Scrapbooks? I decided to incorporate them this year. I always liked the look, but don’t always have photos every week, and sometimes I have tons of photos in one week. I’m just all over the place, so I never really included calendar cards. However, I decided to just flow with it this year. I’ll put them in when it makes sense! Now that I have the cards for 2017, I thought I could use the 4×6 version that Amber LaBau¬†designed to create a printed reference set that has¬†all the birthdays of people in my life (are you also a card maker?). I will keep this for years, not just 2017.

Screenshot (4)

First, I did some work in Photoshop Elements. I used a pack of “Labely Bits” from Amber LaBau’s shop at the Lilypad to add some pops of color to these cards. One thing of note, the calendar cards are in grayscale. You need to change them to color mode (RGB) before adding color. I also recommend picking a scale for the elements you are adding and actually scaling them down on each card, so they are all the same size. You can place them all and then select all at once to scale. (From menu bar: Image>Resize>Scale) Those nice big labels came in a tad too large for the scale of the card. I scaled everything by 50%.


Do you like to send snail mail to family & friends on their birthday? I want to do that more. I thought having this handy (note to self: put it in the pocket of my planner) would help remind me. I used Canon Matte Photo paper. One thing I learned about this paper is that it has two different sides. One side is bright white and the other is cream. Make sure you put your paper in your printer correctly!
Happy New Year!
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