App Scrapping Basics | Part 1


Have you heard about how easy it is to do pocket scrapping on a mobile device? Are you a little behind with your pocket pages? Do you want to be able to create whilst waiting to pick up the kids from clubs/ having your lunch break at work etc?  Have you already discovered mobile scrapping but want to learn more about using amazing designer products other than those in the Project Life App?  If any of the above applies then this blog post is for you!!  It’s not just for Apple users either, Android users can also create pocket pages on the go!

I do all my pocket pages on my iPhone 5 and I have already created and printed three 100 page books this year for our family and it couldn’t have been easier. Over the next two posts we are going to take you through the simple steps necessary to make gorgeous pages like the one below using Amber’s amazing products on your mobile device. So pop the kettle on, pour a cuppa, get comfy anywhere you like (yes anywhere! that’s the beauty of mobile app scrapping) and prepare to learn how easy it is in a few simple steps 🙂



Step 1 – Organise Your Supplies

Amber has lots of gorgeous collections in her store, specifically designed to make your pages shine with very little effort involved, but we need to get the products somewhere you can use them!  Go ahead and choose your products – you will definitely need your cuppa handy for this bit – I can spend a while browsing the products, checking out the amazing pages created with them and procrastinating about which to buy!  Once decided, pop them in your shopping cart and check out! You can download them straight to your device but you will need a couple of extra apps to do this and a mobile device with plenty of space!  It soon fills up 🙂 .  I find it easier to download them to my computer, unzip them and then either synch via itunes or upload to dropbox.  I also like the fact I have all my purchases stored on my hard drive which I then back up.

For the pages below I used Amber’s collection My Heart Sings.  It is a beautiful collection of classic black and white with clean lines and bold pops of color which lay a perfect foundation for scrapping your most joyful and loved memories.

You can find them all here: Pocket cards    Elements     Papers

Step 2 – Get Creative!

If you are an apple user you can use the Project Life App to create amazing pages quickly, but if you are an Android user don’t stop reading because there is an app for you too! The two tutorials below show the basics of creating a page – adding photos and journaling cards to a page.

Apple Users: Using Project Life App to Create Pocket Pages with Amber’s Products

(Note: Due to the limitations of recording iPhone screens you may need to increase your volume on your device)

Download Project Life in the App Store

Android Users: Using PicFrame to Create Pocket Pages on Your Mobile Device

(Note: Due to the limitations of recording iPhone screens you may need to increase your volume on your device)

Download Pic Frame – App store

Download Pic Frame for Android

Step 3 – Document Your Memories

Okay so now we have a basic page, but project life-style pages are about words as much as pictures so how do we add some journaling? When you use designers’ products other than Becky Higgins you can’t add journaling straight in the Project Life App. This is because the journal cards are imported as “photos,” but that doesn’t matter – you can use a variety of apps to add your journaling. Letterglow is the commonest one used by app scrappers to add journaling so we will cover this here. You can either choose to journal on your cards before adding them to your page or, journal on the whole page once exported. The quality is slightly better if you journal on cards first but it is minimal and sometimes it’s nice to view the page as a whole when dressing the page up.

Apple Users: Using Letterglow App to Journal 

Download Letterglow App – App Store

Android Users: Journaling on Amber’s cards

Unfortunately I am unable to create a video on journaling using an android device – this isn’t because it isn’t possible!  It’s just that the apps for android do not work on my iPhone. There are lots of apps on google play store to add text to photos.  By treating the journal cards as a “photo” you can easily journal on any one of them using such an app and then pop them in your page using the picFrame collage app.  Here is a link to apps on the google play store that you could use.

Apps to add text to photo on Android

File 11-09-2015 13 50 29

So in three easy steps we’ve created a  gorgeous pocket page ready for printing in our album. So simple and easy yet still using our favourite designers’ products. But that’s not where this page’s journey ends. Check back next week to see how we can add elements, shadowing and digital stamps simply and easily using apps on our mobile devices.

“See” you soon!


Sonia is a married, working mother to four children living in the UK. Sonia records all her family memories on her iPhone 5 and is passionate about app scrapping and pushing apps to their limits whilst documenting her family life.

3 Comments on App Scrapping Basics | Part 1

  1. Carmen
    September 23, 2015 at 10:40 AM (5 years ago)

    Thank you for the tutorial. Exactly what I was looking for. 😄👍 Greetings from Puerto Rico!

  2. Suzanne Alotta
    October 2, 2015 at 9:04 AM (5 years ago)

    Thanks so much. I already downloaded the Project Life and wondered if I could use Amber’s cards. Now I know! Can you explain why on the templates some of the boxes are orange? Thanks, Sz

  3. Christine
    January 1, 2016 at 1:09 PM (5 years ago)

    Hey there! Thanks for the great post! I downloaded Pic Frame for Android, but I do not see the PL style layouts. Any idea why not?


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