As a designer it’s easy to get lost in the sea of to-do lists, deadlines, administrative and marketing work, leaving you feeling like there’s no time to actually do what you love – design! Now is the time for you to take control, and start making time work FOR you, not AGAINST you.

Join veteran designer Amber LaBau in Get on Top of Your Workflow as she walks you through easy and effective adjustments to your work flow and design habits that will have you crossing off those to-dos in less time, leaving you free to create more product, eat a brownie, or even – gasp – take a nap!




Scrapbook trends come and go and your customers’ wants and needs evolve all the time. To keep up, you have to know HOW to design, but that’s only the beginning! Honing and elevating your design skills is the best way to become a stronger, faster and more in-demand designer who stands out from the crowd.

When you elevate your skills, you impress your customers from kit to kit, which drives sales month to month. But HOW do you elevate when you don’t know where to start? Who do you turn to when you have design questions, want an expert opinion if a kit is lackluster (before you release it), or can’t quite put your finger on why your products return weak sales?

You NEED a Design Mentor

Design Coach & Company is ideal for established designers who:

  • Want to EXCEL at digital kit design.
  • Are unsure how to finesse, refine or add the small details to make kits sell strongly.
  • Aren’t attracting loyal, returning customers or seeing the sales to justify the time invested developing kits.
  • Have a long term goal to increase revenue by offering products through different sales channels (i.e.: paper manufacturing, craft stores, greeting card industry).
  • Are 100% committed to reaching your full potential as a digital scrapbook designer and professional crafter.
  • Completed Design Coach 2016 with Traci Reed and are ready to break through their current earning plateau.