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Hello, hello! I’m back again with another of my lines for Fancy Pants Designs. This one is super fun for me, because as the only girl in a house full of boys – of both the human and feline varieties – I’m always on the look-out for a products that are a bit more masculine. And hello – orange?!? Take a look at.. Good Fellows.

gf_logo paperstags_detail

washi alpha ephemera_detailpuffiesflair


This line was originally designed with gift-giving and Father’s Day in mind, but as you’ll be able to see from the projects I’ve gathered from around the web, it’s perfect for so many other things, tool! Everything is available at, or check your local retailers as well.. Now enjoy the eye candy and be sure to click through and leave these guys some love..


amy-coose-2 evelyn-yusuf-2
jess-mutty jodi-2

yuki-shimada kim-watson-2 kim-watson latisha-yoast-1 latisha-yoast-2

leeann_allinson^^ by leanne_allinson on Instagram

mary-ann-maldonado vicki-chrisman
amy-coose-1 leeann_allinson-2

^^ by leanne_allinson on Instagram


^^ by zsokamarko on Instagram

jodi zsokamarko ^^ by zsokamarko on Instagram

Seriously – I’m blown away by how talented these people are.. This is why I don’t paper scrapbook, my friends.. I would just mess the whole thing up without my handy little ctrl+z! :p

On the docket tomorrow, something for the ladies.. and if you missed yesterday’s post about Life is Beautiful, you can check that out HERE




Amber has been designing in the digital scrapbooking industry since 2008, and for the paper industry since 2013. She loves reading, board games, and all things chocolate!

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