Getting Crafty: Valentine Idea with Free Printable

My oldest is attending two Valentine’s parties this year – one at school and one at day care – and seeing as we still have candy left over taking up space in our pantry from the last two years of V-day parties, I wanted to do something a little different.. Last year he hand-made valentines with doilies, paint and glitter, two years ago he hand-colored valentine printables from Kate Hadfield and the year before that, I don’t even remember.. but we’ve never really been the type to buy a box of Spiderman cards and call it a day. (And I’m totally not saying that’s a bad thing – it would be way easier, and sometimes even cheaper – and it’s definitely what I did growing up, although it was Lisa Frank, not Spiderman, but I digress..)  So I went on the search for something fun and crafty we could do that didn’t involve candy.

Enter heart-shaped crayons.  It’s perfect!  Hearts = Valentine’s Day and crayons = not candy.. Score!  With a quick trip to the store to buy some candy molds we were ready to go.  Everything else we just had around the house, which made it so quick and easy to put together..

First, I scoured around in our various crayon stockpiles to find all the broken and mangled ones.. I soaked them in warm water for a few minutes to help speed up the process of taking the paper off.  {Note – we have two brands of crayons around here these days.. Crayola and RoseArt, and the waxier paper and glue of the RoseArt crayons was much more difficult to remove.}

Once all the paper was taken off, I just chopped all the crayons into little pieces about 1/4″ long and began filling my candy molds with them. I got my molds from a local kitchen supply store here in town, but there are also oodles available on Amazon. (These will be going in the oven at a low temperature, so you’ll want to be sure you get something that can withstand a little heat.)


I thought it might be fun to add a little sparkle to our finished hearts, so I sprinkled some glitter in the mold before adding the crayons.



I was worried the molds I had wouldn’t hold up to the heat, so I placed them on a cookie sheet just in case they ended up melting in the oven – at least it would contain the mess just a bit if disaster struck.. Then I popped them into the oven set at 170° F (the lowest my oven goes).  I checked on them after about 5 minutes and it didn’t look like much was happening, so I upped the temperature to 185° F.

After a total of 15 minutes in the oven, they were ready to come out. (Honestly, they may have been ready after 10 minutes, but I was distracted helping DH with something so lost track of time.) I let them cool for 10-15 minutes and then popped them out of the molds without any trouble at all.


They were quite a bit thinner than I expected, and I did have one break on me, but overall they turned out great!  Next time, I think I’ll make my chunks a bit smaller to let more variety of color show, and I’ll fill the molds a bit fuller to give a little extra volume to the finished product. When choosing colors, I’d also recommend shying away from the darker colors – I had some that were pink/white/black that turned out great, but the dark blues and greens I used just seemed a little “gloom and doom” for the fun holiday gift they were supposed to be.

Now – as cute as these are, I couldn’t just let my kid to go school with a handful of crayons to throw around. So I whipped up these cute little cards to attach them to that he can write a note or {more likely} just sign his name on the back.



I’ll be honest, we most likely won’t be hand-tying all 50 cards we need to make with baker’s twine – a little tape or dollop of hot glue will work just fine, but at the moment, this was easier than dragging out my glue gun and waiting for it to heat up.  If you do choose to go with tape, I would suggest something other than scotch tape, since it doesn’t adhere to the wax very well.

And that’s it!  All told the project took less than an hour – the most time-consuming parts being chopping up the crayons and tying the bows. Now – if this looks like something you’d like to try, I’ve got the printable card all ready for you to download.. It comes in PDF format complete with cutting guides to take the guesswork out of your project.


And finally, for those of you who are visiting and waiting for my next digital scrapbooking release, here’s a peek at what’s coming your way later this week..


See you soon!



Amber has been designing in the digital scrapbooking industry since 2008, and for the paper industry since 2013. She loves reading, board games, and all things chocolate!

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  1. Alyna
    February 10, 2014 at 6:32 PM (7 years ago)

    Super cute! We already have our valentines figured out for this year (just need to put them together), but I may have to do this next year! Thanks for the printable!


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