How to create Text on a Selection, Shape or Custom Path

Hope everyone was busy this weekend creating great memories with their families and friends – across the country or in your own back yard. All those fun memories means that you probably have lots of new photos that you will need to scrap! I know that summer is a busy time so I thought I would share a few tips on how to add text in new ways to spice up your summer scrapping and create some fun elements in a simple way.

These tips are for Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 – so they definitely work on all newer versions of PSE and full Photoshop as well.

First option we have in the Text tool bar is Text on a Selection:  There are 2 ways to go with Text inside or outside that shape.  One way is to create a shape using the Marquee tool in the Tool Bar.  There are lots of options to choose from.  If you hold the Shift Key (or Command key in MAC) you create a symmetrical shape – for example a square or true circle as opposed to a free form shape.

Once that shape is created you check the green arrow button and then select the Text on Selection from the Tool options.

You will see the typical cursor (the capital I) with a squiggle line on the bottom – pick where you want your text to start and start typing!  You have full control of all other options including size, color and font!

Click the green check mark when you are done!

The next option is Text on a Shape: Here you have two options for creating the Shape.

You can create a shape with any of the standard Shape tools in the PSE tool bar.  There are lots and lots of options here…

Alternatively, there are options for shapes in Text tool bar when you select Text on a Shape.

Here is the text outlining the shape I selected from the Custom Shape with the Text tool bar. You will also see the same squiggle line under the Capital I text tool.

Finally there is an option for Text on a Custom Path.  There are so many ways you can use this tool – to outline a shape already existing in a template or even your image – for example following the peak of a mountain or the curve of a lake (can you tell I am in vacation mode already….).  The steps are similar to ones before.  Here you draw your line with your mouse or whatever tool you are using

Then you add the text to that line with full control over font, color, size and spacing.

Finally I have a few examples of pages where folks have utilized these tools.  First up, CT Holly used the shape of the journal card to dictate the shape of her text.  She could have also used Custom Path to type along the edge of this same shape for a totally different look. Using the Good Vibes kit – Part I is available on Amber’s blog, Part II at The Lilypad.

CT Jenn also used the Good Vibes kit but created her text to fit within an element on this fabulous photoless page.

Finally a page by Jan (Quilty Mom) from the Lilypad Gallery entitled 3 Old Photos using the Cozy Kit  – I love how she created her text in a semi circle to accent and add balance to her page.

I hope this mini tutorial gives you some new ideas on how to jazz up your pages in a simple way using some of the built in tools that Adobe provides.

If there are some tools that you would like to learn more about – just drop me a note and I can write a blog post to help you learn more about it!  Until next time…

Luly G
Hi I’m Luly – a full-time architect by day and a digital scrapper in all my other waking moments! My hubby and two twentyish sons love to travel to destinations near and far, trying out lots of fun local places to eat & be merry. I am the family historian as well so I try and document our bigger extended family stories as well when I am not scrapping our last vacation.

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