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In going over my list of requests for kit themes recently, one that kept popping out at me was a need for products specifically for documenting autism and the people who are affected by it. This month’s BYOC colors (and the fact that it’s Autism Awareness Month) were a perfect fit, so I knew that now was the time! If I’m being perfectly honest I was a bit lot intimidated by this theme, so I reached out to several people who have more experience than me and they really guided me through what needed to be included. Huge shout out and thanks to them!!

So many people’s lives have been touched by autism, and there are so many stories to tell – good, bad, and everything in between. Inside Your World is the perfect kit for documenting the spectrum of experiences you live with when this is your story. With oodles of items perfectly designed for this theme in a beautiful color palette, you can finally document your memories in the way they deserve.



Happy weekend, friends!! 😀



Amber has been designing in the digital scrapbooking industry since 2008, and for the paper industry since 2013. She loves reading, board games, and all things chocolate!

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