July Memory Pockets Monthly | BOLD + I AM

Hello, hello, hello!  😀  You probably thought I had died.. or retired.. or something… but no. We moved at the end of May, I’ve been working on some physical products, and… it’s summer, yo! We’re finally starting to get into a routine around here, though, so I’m hoping to be pumping out the designs more regularly again.. 😉

So what do I have for you today? Well, how about a little Memory Pockets Monthly magic, eh??

bold-MPM-preview700This month seemed a natural home for BOLD. It’s a mid-summer month for many of us. And somehow summertime has become synonymous with adventuring and doing and crossing things off of bucket lists. Bold things, all.

BOLDness speaks in color too. When we think of BOLD we often think of energetic and bright and happy hues. Color full of life and verve, reflecting days marked by heat, activity, sunshine and playfulness.

Main Kit Contains: 32 – 3×4 cards, 7 – 4×6 cards, 6 – 4×4 cards, 103 elements, 10 solid papers, 1 4×6 photo template, 2 alphas, PLUS, all cards and elements are provided individual digital files AND as ready-to-print PDF sheets. All cards are provided in horizontal and vertical orientations with and without bleed.

bold_MPM_detailed_4x6-vert bold_MPM_detailed_elements-1bold_MPM_detailed_3x4-hor  bold_MPM_detailed_4x4-alpha-solids  bold_MPM_detailed_elements-2 bold_MPM_detailed_4x6-horbold_MPM_detailed_3x4-vert bold_MPM_detailed_template

You can purchase the kit ON ITS OWN, or get more bang for your buck when you SUBSCRIBE.

So what exactly do you get with a subscription?


  • Main kit each month, a $14.99 value
  • 35% off all MPM add-ons
  • Presale access to MPM add-ons
  • MPM private forum group and challenges
  • Special tutorials and video for inspiration and product usage
  • Personal interaction with your favorite pocket designers: Allison Pennington, Amber LaBau, Paislee Press, Sahlin Studio, Sara Gleason, and Valorie Wibbens

logo-add-onIn addition to the main kit, I’ve also put together two fun add-ons that are 35% off to MPM subscribers anytime, or 20% off this weekend for everyone! Take a peek..

alabau_iam_papers pocket-cards

“I AM” is the most powerful statement you can utter.. It gives you control over who and what you are, and who and what you want to become. So go ahead – Be you, boldly! Embrace all the colors, emotions, labels, non-lables, and everything in between that are part of your story! These pieces are perfect for all about me pages, pages of triumph, reflection, and especially accomplishments! Vivid and versatile, tell your story with COLOR! {or black and white, the choice is totally yours..}  😉


IAM_lynnettew1 IAM_lynnettew2 I-am_Shivani IAM_stacy


Have a happy scrappy weekend, friends!  🙂



Amber has been designing in the digital scrapbooking industry since 2008, and for the paper industry since 2013. She loves reading, board games, and all things chocolate!

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