Layout Lovin’ – January Edition 1/24/18

Even though the holidays are a busy time for everyone, Amber has found so many awesome pages in the galleries! The new year is a time that many people set new goals – and many folks set crafty goals along with those “other” life goals.  So whether your goal is starting/finishing Project Life or Project 365 or just getting back into to memory keeping we hope that these outstanding pages will inspire you! Sit back, grab a hot chocolate or a cold drink (depending on where in the world you are..) and let’s see what Amber has to say about these great pages and hope that they will give you fresh inspiration for the new year…

from umyesh

I love how she pulled the natural elements from the kit – the flowers and the dragonflies – to tie in with her naturescape photograph. The contrast of colors between the photo and the layout is so refreshing, too. I love it!

from KairynLisa

I love pages that shine the light on the scrapbooker. It’s so easy to get lost behind the scenes, and the fact that Karen used this page to document her online persona is super fun. The light background with the colorful embellishments really let her photo shine, and her shadows are just lovely. 🙂

from LoveItScrapIt

Wow! This is beautiful! I love all the layers, and that bold black and white stripe to ground everything on that fun angle. The shadows here are just exquisite, too! Fabulous page!!

from Electra

Wow. This is beautiful! I love the small clustering against the neutral background. The pops of color tie into the photo perfectly, and her use of embellishments is spot on. Well done! 😀 It is also using this month’s template

from rfeewjlj

This page is an absolute masterpiece in color theory. I love the simple palette she’s used, and how even the photo treatment echos the blues of the papers. Playing off that stark white background everything just draws your focus straight to the photo. The details of the paint and the stitching just polish everything off so perfectly. I love it! 😀

from Jaye

This page is absolutely stunning! The color combo of the navy and mustard make my heart go pitter-pat, and the overall page design, with the brushed painty bits and the string.. the details of the button and the flower. It’s really perfect in every way.. *sigh*

From chloe_digiscrap

This page got me right through the heart. Her journaling is so heartfelt, and so empowering. The stark design of the page really gives the feeling of being strong and starting fresh. I love the sentiments included here, and am so touched by her sincerity.

from bjthomas

Wonderful page! I love how the background is split, and the layers under the photo are just gorgeous! The detail of the embellishments along the top is one of my very favorite scrapping techniques, and she’s done it so beautifully here. Well done!

I hope you all enjoyed the inspiration and ideas that browsing the galleries can bring. January’s Month of Challenges at The Lilypad is a great place to see lots of fabulous pages all in one place as well – go leave some love for these gals in their galleries (the pages are linked!).  I’ll see you all next month with new inspiration and ideas – until them stay inside and scrap!


Luly G
Hi I’m Luly – a full-time architect by day and a digital scrapper in all my other waking moments! My hubby and two twentyish sons love to travel to destinations near and far, trying out lots of fun local places to eat & be merry. I am the family historian as well so I try and document our bigger extended family stories as well when I am not scrapping our last vacation.

2 Comments on Layout Lovin’ – January Edition 1/24/18

  1. Monica
    January 28, 2018 at 11:43 PM (3 years ago)

    I love all the inspiration here. I definitely feel the love too so thanks!

  2. Kiana
    March 6, 2018 at 7:33 PM (3 years ago)

    Awwww ♥♥ I’m so honored to be chosen. The love I get when the designer hand picks your page is nothing short of awe inspiring Thank you!!!!!


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